Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Julie Fowlis' 'Gach sgeul'

Julie Fowlis
Gach sgeul
Machair Records

Scotland's talented Gaelic singer, Julie Fowlis, delivers us a folksy, Gaelic-soaked album of traditional tunes and original songs across eleven tracks. Julie begins the album with a solemn ballad, "A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum Mhathair Mi," which is led by Julie's vocals and string accompaniment. Throughout the album, various instruments take over, including the bouzouki, fiddle, guitar, harmonium, piano accordion, double bass, assorted percussion, cello, flute, uileann pipes, bodhran, whistle, viola, and highland pipes. The jaunty "Danns' A Luidheagan Odhar" is a lively and uppity tune with Julie's stellar vocals taking the charge. The songs are more melodic on this recording than previous releases, which probably makes it more accessible to Gaelic, folk, European, and vocal music fans. Whatever it is, Julie knows how to create beautiful music. Gach sgeul, which means "every story," accurately depicts different stories in song form. Whether it is traditional or contemporary, Julie mesmerizes all who listen. Check it out today! ~ Matthew Forss

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