Sunday, March 23, 2014

CD Review: Zoumana Tereta's 'Soku Fola: Traditional String Music From Segou, Mali'

Zoumana Tereta
Soku Fola: Traditional String Music From Segou, Mali
Kanaga System Krush

Born in Bamako, Mali, Zoumana Tereta began playing music at age sixteen. Originally mastering the Krinyani stringed instrument native to the Fulani, Zoumana moved on to the soku fiddle and bonfle (Fulani flute). The soku fiddle is the primary instrument highlighted on the new album, Soku Fola... However, Zoumana is joined by other instruments, including the acoustic guitar, bass djeli n'goni, and calabash. The acoustic album is very organic and raw with various vocalizations and instrumental arrangements. The soku fiddle and calabash take the spotlight on "Sorre." Zoumana's husky voice is mature and intriguing. There are liner notes about each song, the instruments, and production notes. Anyone interested in learning more about North African music will especially love the recording from a seasoned veteran. ~ Matthew Forss

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