Thursday, August 25, 2011

CD Review: World Jazz from the Matt Geraghty Project


Omnilingual Records

Acoustic and electric bassman, Matt Geraghty, entices listener's ears to come closer and never look back. The smooth jazz idiom and world jazz components are quite clear. Matt's incorporation of a slew of instruments including the sarangi, trumpet, drums, piano, accordion, guitar, cumbus, oud, rhodes, and others, make Departures sound like a world-class journey through Latin America, Europe, South Asia, and everywhere else for that matter. The Polish language lyrics by Anna Maria Jopek add a touch of nostalgic splendor best-suited for a high-end, lounge club. Thankfully, Departures is only a download or CD-away from stirring the mind and soul of anyone who listens to the music. The Matt Geraghty Project features scattered vocals, Weather Channel Local Forecast-type melodies (this is a plus here), and a global mix of influences that are not too overt. Departures is perfect for those airport delays or the comfort of one's sunlit patio. ~ Matthew Forss

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