Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CD Review: Fely Tchaco's 'Maturite'

Fely Productions

A native of Ivory Coast, Fely Tchaco creates catchy, pop-driven songs in English, French, and Gouro languages. The relatively contemporary approach still retains a sense of traditionalism, especially on “Goba.” The piano comes out on “Woui le m’En fe,” and a danceable tune, “En Louh,” stands out. Global and local issues surround the content of the songs. The Afro-pop focused “Si J’avais des Ailes” is golden. The dance track, “America Land of Hope” is a nod at the social and political accomplishments of American history. The lyrically and rhythmically-centered songs are especially uplifting and relevant. Fely’s French influence is prevalent, yet distinctly African at the same time. Fely’s voice is superb and a beacon of light for the people of Ivory Coast and all of Africa. French and English song summaries are included in the liner notes. ~ Matthew Forss


Fikre said...

She is the best singer by far...I like her music. she has a beautiful voice!

AC said...

I live in San Francisco and attended a birthday performance that Fely gave for Thomas Simpson. She sang w/o a band and her voice was so exceptional. She does not need a band, her voice is the band. Excellent spirit music from the motherland and sang by a sweet and a courageous woman.

AC said...

She is contributor of World Music. Fely is one of a kind and the world is a better blessed place with Fely's music in it. Music from the Mother-land will sooth your soul.

Harley White said...

Her stature is captivating. Her eyes are deep. Her sense of style is magnificent. Her dance moves seem original. Her voice has originality. Her performances have cultural substance. Her band arrangements are always first class and her recordings are always, done well. I learn something new every time I hear her sing. She educates.