Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: 1987 Talking Drums' Reissue For 'Some Day Catch Some Day Down'

Talking Drums
Some Day Catch Some Day Down

Originally released in 1987, Talking Drums' Some Day Catch Some Day Down is a rhythmic romp into Ghana's Afro-beat legacy with lively horns, immense percussion, rippling guitars, and great vocal harmonies. About a dozen musicians comprised the 1987 group, which provided various instrumental accompaniment, including the more popularly-known congas, sax, flute, bass, keyboards, guitar, timbales, bells, flugelhorn, and trumpet. However, there are numerous Ghanaian and West African percussion instruments used throughout the recording that are too numerous to mention. At any rate, the result is Afro-beat heaven with lively vocals. There are liner notes for each song, too. In addition, this is an enhanced CD, which provides nine MP3 bonus tracks after placement in a computer. These are groovy grooves with upbeat percussion and happy vocals. ~ Matthew Forss

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