Sunday, September 22, 2013

CD Review: Hewar's 'Letters To A Homeland'

Letters To A Homeland
Dreyer Gaido

Syria's Hewar combines traditional Middle Eastern music with scat singing, opera, classical music, and jazz, which resound with joy and talent. "Hewar," which means "dialogue" in Arabic is a fitting title for music that brings people together no matter where they live. The group brings Armenia's Jivan Gasparyan to the forefront, along with special guest, Andreas Mueller on double bass. The group is primarily comprised of Kinan Azmeh on clarinet, Dima Orsho on vocals, and Issam Rafea on oud and vocals. The album was recorded live at Morgenland Festival Osnabrueck on October 7th, 2011. The nine tracks represent a plethora of musical achievements that are definitely worth listening and sharing with others. Anyone familiar with classical, operatic, jazzy, and Middle Eastern tunes will love the vocal stylings and instrumental arrangements on Hewar's latest release. ~ Matthew Forss 

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