Monday, September 16, 2013

CD Review: Zansa's 'Djansa' From Ivory Coast, Africa


The Afrobeat leanings of Zansa stem from the Ivory Coast influences on Adama Dembele's compositions and arrangements. The music is highly contemporary with guitars, drums, bass, keyboard, and vocals in Bambara, French, English, and Baoule. The West African elements are not only represented by the Afro-jazz leanings, but also from the indigenous instruments, including the djembe, congas, shekere, sangban, dundun, kinkine, kanye ka, tama, kola nut shaker, bell, as well as various electric strings to keep it interesting. The heady rhythms are diverse, richly-textured, and always moving. The dance beats are organic and steeped in African traditions and culture. Zansa is Adama Dembele, Casey Dean, Patrick Fitzsimons, Sean Mason, Ryan Reardon, Matt Williams, and a host of guest musicians. The dozen song track-list is great for percussion fans, as well as contemporary Ivory Coast music fans. ~ Matthew Forss

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