Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: Wouter Kellerman's 'Mzansi'

Wouter Kellerman
Kellerman Music

Hailing from South Africa, Wouter Kellerman is a flautist with an ear for European and African melodies and rhythms. There are a variety of languages and vocal arrangements. For instance, there are reggae-fused vocals, backup vocals, scat singing, and others. The popular African song, "Malaika," is covered here in Swahili. Basic Afro-pop instrumentation is all here, but the songs possess a multicultural vein truly is "African and otherwise...," according to Wouter Kellerman. There are lush melodies, airy flutes, pensive piano, heady percussion, and world fusion sounds that awaken the spirit and lift the feet. With a diverse musical background, guest musicians from different countries, and a wide variety of instruments, Mzansi is a world fusion feast for the ears. Anyone with an interest in world jazz, African music, world fusion, instrumental, and rhythmic, musical wanderings will love Mzansi. ~ Matthew Forss

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