Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CD Review: Switzerland's Aurah Releases 'Summon The Sky'

Summon The Sky
Very Music Inc.

Aurah is a Swiss-born and American-based duo with an ambient, electronica, and down-tempo groove. Aurah is comprised of musicians Marc Dold and Judith Martin. The opening tune, "Three Little Birds," is a Bob Marley cover, but it is a perfect new age tune with soaring vocals and contemporary arrangements. "Take My Breath Away" is a blissful tune with a smooth bass-line, electronic arrangements, and wispy vocals in a Hooverphonic-esque manner. "Summon The Sky" is an atmospheric gem with soaring vocals, blurby electronics, and a heavenly, yet subtle beat with a dreamy foundation. "Shine On" is a rootsy, electro-acoustic anthem with a few guitars, heady percussion, and back-up vocals in a somewhat rock instrumental manner that is not too loud. "Khorwa" contains a little electronic vocals, booming percussion sounds, and atmospheric blips that thoroughly explores the nature of world fusion and contemporary downtempo early on, but a strong rock vein pushes through. The final track, "Pleasant Placidness," is a rustic guitar song with a meandering melody without the aid of additional instrumentation for the most part and no vocals. Aurah is a mix of downtempo, dance, dream, meditation, and new age. Anyone seeking creative downtempo and ambient music will love Aurah's latest offering. ~ Matthew Forss

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