Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: Dragon Flutes Rising's 'Flute Meditations'

Dragon Flutes Rising
Flute Meditations

Jonathan Wolf (a.k.a Dragon Flutes Rising) is a talented end-blown flute maker of xiaos based in Portland, OR. These end-blown flutes are of Chinese origin, but their sound is organic, airy, and serene. Flute Meditations is a seven-track release that features nature sounds and xiaos. There are no vocals on this one. Instead, the nature sounds and breathy flute sounds evoke a sense of calming and relaxation that is perfect for anyone looking to kick back and relax. In the same manner, the music is ideal for yoga, meditation, or perhaps even sleep therapy. As an acclaimed yoga teacher, shiatsu-certified masseuse, and a capoeira trainee, Jonathan provides a well-traveled and innovative mix of influences for the music. ~ Matthew Forss

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