Monday, September 16, 2013

CD Review: Cape Verdean Titina Releases 'Canta B. Leza'

Canta B. Leza
Astral Music

A native of Cape Verde, Titina grew up listening to composer, poet, and activist, B. Leza. The songs on this new album represent a nearly twenty-five year gap from the original recordings. The music is as timely as ever, as Cape Verde music continues to be on the world music map--thanks to the likes of Cesaria Evora, Bau, etc. Titina presents a mix of heady island rhythms and classic pieces of musical ingeniousness on Canta B. Leza. The songs represent a mix of morna and fado music with both male and female vocals throughout. There are only seven tracks, but the last track, "Rapsodia (Medley of Mornas)," is almost eleven minutes long. Anyone familiar with the Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, and European-infused music of the Cape Verde islands will understand the significance of Titina and everything she offers here. This is a recording that should not be missed. ~ Matthew Forss

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