Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: The Garifuna Collective Releases 'Ayo'

The Garifuna Collective

With the release of Watina several years ago with the late-Andy Palacio, The Garifuna Collective took the world by storm with infectious grooves, South American rhythms, and Afro-Amerindian cultural influences. Thanks to Belizean producer, musician, and label founder, Ivan Duran, The Garifuna Collective is still a reality today. There are twelve tracks on the new album inspired by a new generation for the future. "Ayo," "Ubou," "Mongulu," "Dungua," "Pomona," and "Alagan" are especially enthralling. Though, anyone with an interest in Garifuna music, Afro-Amerindian music, Belizean music, and world music in general, will find Ayo to be a very emotive, upbeat, and graceful album. ~ Matthew Forss

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