Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CD Review: Gabriela Pepino's 'Let Me Do It'

Gabriela Pepino
Let Me Do It
Tratore Music Brasil

The Berklee College of Music-trained singer, Gabriela Pepino hails from Brazil, but her musical influences are far-reaching. Gabriela brings a unique soul, blues, and jazz swagger that is refreshing and sultry at the same time. For instance, "I Just Wanna Make Love To You," is a bluesy tune with a sultry voice amidst a jazzy backbone. The laidback "Dose Of Scotch" is classy, jazzy, and folksy. "If I Lived In France" contains a bit of contemporary cafĂ© music with a bit of French suavity that melds with Brazilian jazz and a bit of quasi-reggae. "Headache" opens with a few horns and glittering guitars with soulful vocals and show-tune-type backup singers. "Baby" begins with jaunty piano and a snare drum with blurby bass and a Regina Spektor-type vocal intro. However, the music moves into a more blues vein at times. This is not a typical Latin, Brazilian, or South American album. It contains a blend of blues, jazz, pop standards, and soul that is incredibly memorable and fun for everyone involved. Fans of great music will love it. It's that simple. ~ Matthew Forss

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