Sunday, September 15, 2013

CD Review: Jody Quine's 'Seven'

Jody Quine

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Jody Quine is best known for her vocals in Balligomingo and Sleepthief. Now you can add a solo project to her credit. Seven is a folktronic and electro-acoustic medley of sorts with groovy dance tunes and upbeat melodies. "Tonight" is upbeat and electro-acoustic, which is indicative of some of Madonna's earlier work. "To Be Frank" begins a little slow, but quickly warms up to a contemplative melody and electronic backing that is rather minimal overall. Jody's vocals are the real charm here. There are vocal similarities with Beth Orton and Sinead O'Connor. "Piece Of My Heart" is something straight out of Nina Gordon's vocal repertoire with a piano, guitar, and percussion beat to boot. "I Love You" contains frame drum percussion and a minimalist repertoire of instruments, as the vocals fill the void. "Finch Diving" is a slightly urban tune with cinematic strings, electronic backing, and a heady beat with clear vocals. There are only seven tracks on the album, which may be one reason for the album title. One thing is for certain--Seven is five stars out of five all day long. ~ Matthew Forss  

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