Monday, September 16, 2013

CD Review: Ireland's Meav Brings Us 'The Calling'

The Calling
Atlas Realisations/Warner

Meav's golden voice is angelic and crystal clear throughout her new release, The Calling. The heavenly vocals are steeped in new age concoctions wrapped in glistening particles of luscious ear candy. "The Calling" features angelic vocals and a scintillating acoustic guitar line backed with Enya-esque, symphonic reverie. "Light Flight" is a bit punchy with a rollicking acoustic guitar line and angelic, backup vocals. The song is very moving and jig-like with a contemporary edge. The lighter, "The Songline To Home," is a more serene tune with classical and new age characterizations that are very pleasant overall. Overall, Meav's voice is what stands out here. However, the affect could not be achieved without the presence of the instrumental backing. The fluid flutes, cascading vocals, and classical arrangements in a contemporary setting are very memorable and uplifting. If Heaven had a voice, Meav would be the vocalist. ~ Matthew Forss

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