Sunday, September 22, 2013

CD Review: Alific's 'Echoes From The Soul'

Echoes From The Soul

Alific (aka Brendan Dane) combines down-tempo electronica with world reggae beats for an unforgettable musical journey on Echoes From The Soul. Alific collaborates with KBong, Lenny Kurlou, Stick Figure, Mateo Monk, Haile Supreme, and even Frank Mitchell Jr. of Thievery Corporation-fame. This is a DJ's paradise with urban grooves, world fusion, catchy loops, and vibrant percussion with fluid vocals and atmospheric embellishments. There are fourteen tunes with great instrumental set-ups and world grooves with English vocals on most tracks. Alific's impressive nightclub resume stems from experience in both California and Washington, D.C.. The dub and reggae sounds resonate with such splendor and grandeur throughout. Electronic, dub, reggae, and upbeat down-tempo lovers will find happiness in these tunes. ~ Matthew Forss

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