Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: Go: Organic Orchestra's 'Sonic Mandala'

Go: Organic Orchestra
Sonic Mandala
Meta Records

Composer, Adam Rudolph, brings us thirteen sensational, improvisational, and mesmerizing world fusion tracks and Brahim Fribgane composes the last track, "Part Twelve." As a composer and conductor, Adam leads a group of thirty-some musicians to musical greatness with loads of cinematic flavors, classical renderings, and world percussion with a dash of strings and horns for good measure. There are elements from South Asia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The organic elements are fairly evident with mostly instrumental arrangements and very little vocal appearances. Anyone with a passion for various flutes, horns, conchs, didgeridoos, zithers, and assorted percussion from around the world will love the fluid, punchy, and expressive display of musicianship throughout the album. Some of the tunes are mysterious, suspenseful, and free-flowing. Do not let this one get away! ~ Matthew Forss

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