Thursday, September 19, 2013

CD Review: Txutxukan's 'Surf The River Lee'

Surf The River Lee
Wild Boar Music

Hailing from France, Txutxukan (pron: tchoo-tchoo-ken) is a Balkan/Gypsy group named after the Basque phrase for "puttering about" or "doing odd jobs". However, Txutxukan shows no signs of puttering out or about on their latest release, Surf The River Lee. The group is comprised of Dylan Gully on clarinet, sax, kaval, and recorder; Bruno Hollemaert on guitar, bouzouki, accordion, and banjo; Eric Belot on upright bass and electric bass; Joachim Mouflin on percussion, drum kit, and bouzouki; and Joseph Detailleur on accordion. Special guest musician, Stella Rodrigues, plays the gamelan on "El Din." There are a few vocals for added effects. However, the majority of the album is largely instrumental. The instruments come together to form a Klezmer, Gypsy, and Balkan result that is edgy, dance-laden, and always moving. There is a bit of jazz, classical, and avant-garde influences, but nothing is too overt. The sauntering melodies, uppity percussion, and catchy rhythms are breezy, addictive, and richly-textured. Discover Txutxukan today! ~ Matthew Forss 

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