Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: Nazaket Teymurova's 'Mugham'

Nazaket Teymurova

The traditional music of Azerbaijan has been a popular Caucasus mainstay throughout Central Asia and around the world. Mugham is form of classical poetry and improvisational musical arrangements following an Iranian-Arabic-Turkish melody continuum, or maqam. In this case, Nazaket brings us four long compositions in the mugham style: (1) Dastgah Kharidj Segah, (2) Mugham Bayati Shira, (3) Tasnif and Chahargah, and (4) Ashiqam and Mugham Hijaz. The music is traditional overall and features the great vocal style of Nazaket Teymurova, but she is accompanied by various musicians on tar, kamancha, balaban, naqara, drone naqara, qosha naqara, kanun, and oud. The first song is the longest at nearly thirty-eight-minutes. Fans of Arabic maqam, mugham, Central Asian music, and Azeri music will definitely love Nazaket's album. Liner notes are in English, French, and Azeri. ~ Matthew Forss  

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