Friday, September 20, 2013

CD Review: Argentina's Tremor Releases 'Proa'

Wonderwheel Recordings

Contemporary folklore musicians, Tremor, shake it up with Proa, which is a heady mix of digital noises and sounds with groovy beats, South American percussion, and exotic embellishments that are never dull or boring. The trio features Camilo Carabajal on bombo leguero, snare drum and caja; Gerardo Farez on keyboard and analog synthesizers, bombo leguero, snare drum, drums, melodica and kazoo; and Leonardo Martinelli on guitars, charanga, ronrocco, walaycho, sachaguitarra, kazoo, trutruca, bombo leguero, synths, samples, and programming. Keep in mind there are some vocals throughout, but the majority of music is instrumental. There are a few guest musicians on tarkas, quenas, sicus, clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano sax. The title Proa symbolizes "the place where the bow of the boat cuts through the water." In this case, Proa cuts right to the top of the surface with quasi-modern beats, swishy percussion, and a South American spread of luscious sounds and melodies. Think of Nuklearte mixed with psychedelic cumbia masters, Bondi Blaster and Chico Trujillo. ~ Matthew Forss

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