Friday, August 12, 2011

CD Review: Beoga's 'How To Tune A Fish'

How To Tune A Fish

Beoga, which is Gaelic for 'lively,' entrances listeners with some energetic folk fiddling and Celtic jigs on button accordion, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, bass, bodhran, piano, and percussion. The country swagger of 'Home Cookin' nudges at the heart-strings of America's Southland. A slew of classic songs and melodies conjure up images of vaudeville, Irish pubs, and large concert halls filled with fans dancing to the sounds of Beoga. As a follow-up to Mischief (Compass, 2008), How To Tune A Fish is more about a new wave of traditional music with a nod to modernism without the fancy dance beats, electric guitars, and atmospheric effects. Niamh's vocals are a little more rustic than the former-Celtic Woman repertoire. However, Niamh lights up the tracks with her uplifting voice. If something smells a little fishy, it is probably Beoga's How To Tune A Fish playing nearby! ~ Matthew Forss

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