Friday, August 5, 2011

CD Review: RumbAmazigha


The Spanish collective of musicians form a handy mix of Amazigh, Berber, Tamasheq, and Catalonia rhythms with fiery percussion and moving vocals. The music is produced with some percussion, violin, banjo, guitar, and bass in such a way that is extremely easy to listen to. At times, the music is more Spanish-tinged. However, the North African elements rise to the occasion, even though the lyrics are in Spanish. The breezy melodies reflect an almost Cape Verde feel, especially on 'RumbAmazigha' and 'Cultures'. On 'Africa', the banjo replaces the typical, North African n'goni lute. There are hints of Algeria's Amazigh Kateb throughout. The lively percussion, banjo plucking, and Spanish elements make RumbAmazigha a unique album of ear-friendly (and dance-friendly) tunes. Lyrics are not provided in the liner notes. ~ Matthew Forss

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