Thursday, August 4, 2011

CD Review: CSC Funk Band's 'Things Are Getting Too Casual'

Things Are Getting Too Casual

The Brooklyn-based CSC Funk Band is a large group consisting of 10+ members that produce edgy, funk and dance music with borrowings from rock, punk, jazz, and psychedelica. The eclectic mix of instrumentation adds to the funk and world beats. For instance, the sax, moog, trombones, guitars, trumpets, bass, oboe, and drums, at times, sound like progressive rock and funk. At any rate, the songs are more progressive, fast-paced, and rock-driven than comparable Afro-funk bands, such as Antibalas, The Funk Ark, and others. The steamy, infectious, and rhythmic songs steeped in Afro-funk traditions and American dance grooves make the CSC Funk Band an important player in the global funk music scene. Things Are Getting Too Casual is sure to shake things up. In fact, anyone's feet would be moving within earshot of Brooklyn's-own, CSC Funk Band. ~ Matthew Forss

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