Thursday, August 4, 2011

CD Review: Sondorgo's 'Tamburising: Lost Music Of The Balkans'

Tamburising: Lost Music Of The Balkans

The tambura, a mandolin-like instrument, is the primary sound on the latest Hungarian/Balkan release from Sondorgo. The sometimes frenzied playing techniques of the tambura evokes Greek music ensembles of Rebetika or Laiko. The vocals become quite majestic on 'Oj Jesenske'. However, the real charm of Tamburising... is the earthy, folksy, and gritty appeal from the instrumentation. The tambura is performed in a few different sizes and is joined by the accordion, flute, kaval, clarinet, sax, darbuka, tapan, and trumpet. The band is comprised of four brothers, which are sons of Kalman Eredics, a veteran Slavic musician in Hungary. The Hungarian form of tambura music is slightly different than other regional tambura bands. For instance, the music takes on a more danceable and upbeat tone than similar counterparts. Overall, the fifteen tracks are relatively short with thirty-percent of the tracks running under two-minutes in length. However, the toe-tapping and foot-stomping rhythms play in one's head long after the music commences with very pleasurable results. ~ Matthew Forss

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