Thursday, August 11, 2011

CD Review: Guarco's 'Fiebre' Heats It Up

Fiebre (Fever)


Guarco's Afro-Uruguayan-infused concoctions are musical gems of South American delight. The rock-centric 'Rey De La Selva' opens the set with a rousing chorus and catchy melody. 'Que Paso' melts into a 'Hotel California'-like instrumental ending, even though there is no clear connection to the Eagles' hit song. Guarco ventures into the world of trip-hop and Latin downtempo on 'Creeds In The Sky,' which is wholly instrumental. The dub-step, trance and funk of 'Esta Heavy Man' is also a bit jazzy; but ultra-cool. Perhaps the most creative and in-your-face lyrics are found on 'Immigration Papers'. The Weezer-like ballad, 'Never Stray Away From Home,' adds a little alternative flavor to the already spiced-up album of infectious, catchy, and groovy licks. Fiebre is littered with good sounds, English and Spanish lyrics, and numerous musical influences, including candombe, rock, dance, and others. You will find yourself happily suffering from 'Guarco Fever.' ~ Matthew Forss

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Maru said...

I bet this album is a really good one, I already have one album of yours!
Kisses, Mariana Rivero (Uruguay)