Friday, August 12, 2011

CD Review: Kouyate-Neerman's 'Skyscrapers & Deities'

Skyscrapers & Deities
No Format Records

Kouyate-Neerman is the shortened version of the names Lansine Kouyate and David Neerman. Lansine is a Paris-based and Malian-born balafon extraordinaire, while David is a French musician with piano and percussion training. David plays the vibraphone throughout the album, with additional noise effects and distortions for a truly, avant-garde musical experience that is more urban than traditional. The mostly instrumental music stems from the double bass, balafon, vibraphone, kora, and drums. The only vocals on the album occur on 'Haiti' by Anthony Joseph. Famed kora maestro, Ballake Sissoko, adds his personal touches throughout with crystalline results. Skyscrapers & Deities surfs a fine line between traditionalism and modernism, whilst covering new age, jazz, downtempo, trance, and experimental genres in the process. Kouyate-Neerman is a solid duo with something to offer for everyone. ~ Matthew Forss

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