Friday, August 12, 2011

CD Review: Various Artists - 'Yoga Lounge'

Various Artists

Yoga Lounge

Ready for a magic yoga mat ride of danceable energy? Then direct your ears to White Swan Records' Yoga Lounge. This new compilation features a collection of twelve tracks and remixes of Deva Premal, Karsh Kale, Zeb, Adham Shaikh, Jai Uttal, Vishal Vaid, DJ Alsultany, Midival Punditz, Huun Huur Tu, and others. All tracks are compiled by DJ Alsultany. There are some more meditative moments on the album, but the majority of the music is more contemporary with modern arrangements and a mix of traditional instruments, too. A mix of dance, techno, electronica, and pop elements define Yoga Lounge. Of course, various ethnic components related to South Asia are present. The soundscapes are somewhat reminiscent of a suspense film soundtrack or score. At any rate, Yoga Lounge is cool enough for everyone. ~ Matthew Forss

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