Friday, August 5, 2011

CD Review: Jose Conde's Self-Titled Release

Jose Conde

Pipiki Records

Brooklyn-based Latin pioneer, Jose Conde, shares his world of music in a personal and refined context amid a backbone of smooth, Latin grooves and pop/rock. Whether it is tango, rumba, salsa, or funk, Jose knows how to convey his musical creativities with a fine result. There are three bonus tracks in English, Portuguese, and Tsonga (a South African language). The Latin American, South American, and even Afro-Latin rhythms showcase Jose's far-reaching musicalities. Jose seems right at home creating more contemporary dance sounds with a small dose of trippy jams, as well as the more characteristic and familiar Latin sensibility. However, Jose still sounds different than other similarly grouped artists, because he seems to simply create music without regard to what genre it might be. Essentially, Jose Conde is an album about Jose Conde. It is one of the best albums of the year. ~ Matthew Forss

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