Friday, August 19, 2011

CD Review: Bio Ritmo's 'La Verdad'

La Verdad

The East Coast of the U.S. is home to a salsa explosion of sorts. The acclaimed Bio Ritmo presents us with La Verdad (Truth), an album that is teeming with hot rhythms, hot horns, and hot vocals. The music in question is largely funk-salsa with a dose of South American and American urbanisms. The nine long tracks are lively, rhythmic, and salsa-focused compositions of intense beauty. Crafty labels aside, Bio Ritmo exudes a Latin beat spirit and Puerto Rican charisma that holds firm and doesn't let go. The ten-member band helps bring back the salsa from years gone by with a host of horns, singers, pianists, percussionists, and songwriters with a futuristic sound developed from the great salsa classics. Maintaining originality is Bio Ritmo's specialty. Plus, the addition of unconventional instruments, such as Farfisa organ, synths, kalimba, and cuica, makes La Verdad stand out from the crowd with its global leanings. Tortilla chips are best served with salsa and a side of Bio Ritmo. ~ Matthew Forss

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