Wednesday, May 28, 2014

2-CD Review: Da Cruz' 'Disco E Progresso'

Da Cruz   
Disco E Progresso [2 CD]
Boom Jah Records

Brazilian-born and Swiss-based, Da Cruz enlightens listeners with giddy, soul-stirring dance music with equal amounts of dancehall, funk, new wave, samba, electronic, and pop elements. The new album is a two-disc set that is labeled “light” and “dark.” These connotations describe what is going on from a musical perspective in Brazil. The uppity tunes are still enchanting and catchy, despite the title monikers. On the “light” album, the jazzy “Nascer Livre” showcases some great vocals and instrumentation that is very showy and upbeat. The swaying rhythm of a seaside melody on “Din Din” possesses a laidback atmosphere that is timeless and nostalgic. “Tuda Flui” is a funk-inflected tune with light vocals and a jazzy vein. There are eleven tracks on the "light" CD. The "dark" CD contains ten tracks and songs that are more experimental with more jazzy, funk, electronic, and rock elements. The breakbeat sounds of "Cala a Boca" and the dark tones of "Aonde vai" signify a varied mix of music. The music tends to be a little more urban overall. The dark guitars and Garbage-esque arrangements on "Menino mau" showcase a different side of Da Cruz. No matter what side of Da Cruz you experience; you will be pleasantly surprised. ~ Matthew Forss    

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