Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Figli Di Madre Ignota's 'Bellydancer'

Figli Di Madre Ignota
Godzilla Market

Hailing from Italy, these funk, punk, and psychedelic jazz magnates know how to create edgy and diverse musical stylings on Bellydancer. The vocals are in English and Italian. There are eleven tracks in all and each one has its own story and message. The punchy, rock-infused anthem, "Bellydancer," is a great jazzy track with youthful exuberance and pizzazz. The swirling beats of "Mediterranean Voodoo," showcases the group's creative efforts that incorporate jazz, punk, funk, and experimental elements without fault. The Balkan-tinged, psych-edged, and punk-ridden "Sex Music Pasta," is an upbeat, horn-laden tune with a punchy rhythm and loud vocals. Some of the songs have a classical edge, but the entire album is infused with Balkan and Mediterranean rhythms, psych, funk, jazz, and rock elements that make for an interesting album that purists should stay away from. Nevertheless, purists may cross-over and become a believer in good music - no matter where it comes from and how it is played. ~ Matthew Forss

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