Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: Pete Alderton's 'Living On Love'

Pete Alderton
Living On Love
Ozella Music

Born in England, based in Germany, and vocals in English, Pete Alderton is a blues king with classic influences and thought-provoking storytelling on his debut release, Living On Love, which is a remastered version of the original release in 2006. "Song For David" is somewhat bluesy, but it takes on an alternative vein with a pop/rock setup on guitar. A piano tune, "Have The Roses Gone Dry," creates a more reflective tone with heartfelt vocals in an earthy manner. The ballad-esque tune is poignant and sweet. A number of tunes bring out the blues essence with organic vocals and a stellar delivery. "Living On Love" is a jaunty, blues-infused tune that encapsulates the real message of the album. There are seventeen tracks in all, but a few are spoken word skits or intros, which set the pace and tone appropriately. Pete's mature vocals and bluesy tunes go hand in hand. Anyone familiar with Pete's work will love it and anyone interested in blues music should check it out. ~ Matthew Forss

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