Friday, May 2, 2014

CD Review: Ensemble Tirana's 'The Bridge That Links Time'

Ensemble Tirana
The Bridge That Links Time
Frea Records

The polyphonic a capella group, Ensemble Tirana, hails from Albania, but their influence is deeply rooted in Balkan life and society. The new album contains over one hour of music over eighteen tracks. The songs are mostly instrumental with only minor accompaniment on flute and cifteli stringed instrument. Founded in 1994, the group contains tenor, baritone, and bass-baritone vocal arrangements. The six-member group is comprised of Nazo Celaj, Hyso Xhaferaj, Dionis Delia, Edmond Lila, Luan Sula, and Ervin Kastrati. The music incorporates historical chants from the seventeenth century. Anyone familiar with polyphonic singing will find enjoyment in the vocal tracks, while others will be yearning for more instrumental prowess. However, the vocals are great and present a great historical story for a modern era. At any rate, Ensemble Tirana inspires all to take a listen. Ensemble Tirana is the bridge that links the past with the present. ~ Matthew Forss

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