Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: Helge Lien Trio's 'Badgers And Other Beings'

Helge Lien Trio
Badgers And Other Beings
Ozella Music

The Helge Lien Trio hails from Norway and brings us a perfect blend of soothing jazz music that is created by drums, piano, and bass. The rather simplistic instrumental repertoire showcases a wide diversity with punchy drums, flowing and sweeping piano rhythms, and poignant bass-lines that make hearts smile. Helge Lien is the piano maestro, while Frode Berg is the bassist and Per Oddvar Johansen is the drummer. Running a few minutes under an hour, the album transcends time and space with beautiful melodies and rhythms that contain a level of classicism and pizzazz that are unforgettable. This is an ideal album for lounging or relaxing. It is very reflective and soothing. Notably, the entire album is void of vocals, so you can let the instrumental medley sweep you away and believe me; it will. ~ Matthew Forss

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