Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Ola Cabo Verde'

Various Artists
Ola Cabo Verde

Lusafrica does it again with another stellar release. This one covers eighteen different artists from Cape Verde. There are nearly seventy-eight minutes of great, danceable music from some of the top artists in the country, including Neuza, Lura, Ze Luis, Tcheka, Boy Ge Mendes, Teofilo Chantre, among others. There is even a composition featuring the late-Cesaria Evora, alongside Lura on "Moda Bo." The music is highly-energetic and free-spirited. The combination of vocals, strings, guitars, percussion, and other instruments makes the album shimmer with musical satisfaction. The Afro-Caribbean sounds are somewhat Portuguese-inspired, along with other influences that are regional. The island country is known for morna music and other types. This album covers some of these styles and contemporary elements that are easy to assimilate and enjoy. Anyone with a passion for Cape Verde music will find Lusafrica's latest offering a 'must-have' without any reservations. ~ Matthew Forss

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