Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CD Review: Anansy Cisse's 'Mali Overdrive'

Anansy Cisse
Mali Overdrive
Riverboat Records

Anansy Cisse presents a new album with bluesy, rock-infused compositions featuring Malian instruments and North African sensibilities. Anansy's mature voice is a fine accompaniment to the gritty, guitar playing. In addition, the soku fiddle, ngoni, bass, and calabash create a traditional sound overall. The lilting calabash and guitar on "Fati Ka" is top-notch. The very talented, Zoumana Tereta, is a prominent soku player and does not disappoint here. The music is electrified with an edgy presence and a historical vein. Mali Overdrive is not music that is redundant, overly-produced, or angst-ridden. Instead, Mali Overdrive encapsulates the essence of North African life with a guitar and several traditional instruments that sound like magic. If you like Malian guitar music, you will love Anansy Cisse. ~ Matthew Forss

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