Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: Hanneke Cassel's 'Dot The Dragon's Eyes'

Hanneke Cassel
Dot The Dragon's Eyes
Hearth Music

Based in Boston, Hanneke Cassel's fiery fiddling style incorporates a little Texas swagger, along with Cape Breton and Scottish music styles that make the entire project a foot-stompin' good time. There are twelve tracks that feature Hanneke's fiddle, but the piano, cello, viola, guitar, and trumpet are featured on other tracks for a truly unique and enjoyable experience. The somber and somewhat reflective "The Captain" features the earth fiddle, along with guitar and  other strings. Of course, a fiddle album would not be complete without a few waltzes, jigs, and reels, which are present here. The wholly instrumental album features great music with a mixed style that is sure to please fiddle fans and folk music connoisseurs. ~ Matthew Forss

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