Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Sonido Gallo Negro's 'Sendero Mistico'

Sonido Gallo Negro
Sendero Mistico

Mexico's engaging and psych-inducing ensemble, Sonido Gallo Negro, brings the sounds of the 1970's alive with cumbia-infused beats, boogaloo, chicha, huayno, and other styles in an action-packed, Farfisa organ-soaked delight of musical exploration in a contemporary context. The mostly instrumental tunes are littered with psych references that contain electric guitars, flowing rhythms, indigenous percussion, and electronic samples. The head-bobbing music is ripe with cumiba sounds and instrumental riffs that strike the soul with such a powerful chord that nothing is impossible for these guys. This is psych-funk music at its best. Fans of Turkey's Hayvanlar Alemi will find similarities with Sonido's music. Overall, Sendero Mistico is a wild journey with danceable rhythms and great melodies that transcend a defined description. However, everyone will find happiness in the tunes of Sonido Gallo Negro. Get your psych-on today! ~ Matthew Forss

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