Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Bio Ritmo's 'Puerta Del Sur'

Bio Ritmo
Puerta Del Sur

Afro-Cuban salsa from Virginia? You bet. The guys of Bio Ritmo create foot-stompin' and head-bobbin' melodies ripe with salsa elements, vintage melodies, gritty guitars, punchy horns, and funky-experimental songs that are multinational and multi-faceted. There are glittering keyboard arrangements, down-and-dirty percussive set-ups, and fluid bass-lines. The last track, "Codeina," is more of a classical tune with strings at the beginning of the song, which then fade to make way for a Middle Eastern percussive section and vocal arrangements of a similar vein with a bit of electronica and jazz thrown in for fun. At any rate, the Latin groove, contemporary arrangements, and psych-funk-jazz concoctions are very enjoyable and a perfect companion for anyone seeking inventive and creative Afro-Cuban music with a few variations and influences. ~ Matthew Forss

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