Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: 9Bach's 'Tincian'

Real World

Founded by singer Lisa Jen and guitarist Martin Hoyland, 9Bach takes the world by storm with inventive, contemporary Welsh music. The group's name is a play on words using the numeral "9" as "nain" and "bach" together to connote a cozy, warm frame of reference. Whether it is cozy, inviting, or infectious, 9Bach knows how to create meaningful sounds and melodies with equally-compelling vocals. The modern effort brings together folk, alternative, pop, and electronic elements to form a cohesive type of music that is memorable and refreshing. The diverse influences are what makes the music interesting and catchy. There is almost an ambient or new age feel to some of the songs. The Welsh vocals are unique and beautiful in the same manner. Some of the melodies are reminiscent of one of Hooverphonic's modern works. There are ten songs in all. There are no disappointments here. ~ Matthew Forss

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