Saturday, May 3, 2014

CD Review: Sakina's 'Roye Mi'

Roye Mi
ARC Music

A native of Kurdish Turkey, Sakina is an Austrian and German-based singer and composer that represents the folk and traditional music of Kurdistan - a region that includes Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. The ten-track release is rich with jazzy, upbeat, and sometimes mournful melodies and rhythms that are reminiscent of mugam music indigenous to the Middle East. Sakina employs various instruments to the mix to create a rich sound and highly-textured musical outcome. Some of the instruments you will hear include the German flute, guitar, violin, cello, bass, drums, oboe, piano, bilur, kemane, duduk, qanun, tembur, zurne, davul, and arbane. The music drifts into various regions across the Middle East and Central Asia with ease. The beautiful instruments, heartfelt vocals, and excellent musical delivery makes Roye Mi a winner all-around. It is the quintessential work of Sakina's being. ~ Matthew Forss

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