Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Corvus' 'Never Forget'

Never Forget

Corvus is Arizona's premier heavy metal band. Their new album, Never Forget, will be ingrained in your mind with all of the memorable riffs and guitar solos littered throughout. "Through Dead Eyes" contains heavy beats with loud vocals, but a killer guitar solo and loud percussion. "Deja Vu" opens with a synth-like quality before delving right into a heavy mix of guitars, drums, and vocals. The song is a bit more melodic than other tracks in a Three Days Grace format. "The Spider And The Fly" is equally-melodic, but the thrash metal approach is wickedly fast at times and the vocals dark and moving. "Never Forget" begins with church bell-type sounds that fade out and a string-like medley of atmospheric beauty takes over for a brief moment. However, Corvus' rock side takes precedence with fast percussion, choppy guitars, and a deep bass. There are thirteen tracks in all. Nothing is amiss if you like the hard rock or metal genre. Whether you call it speed metal, melodic rock, thrash metal, or hard rock, Corvus is bound to take your breath away...and then sing about it. ~ Matthew Forss  

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