Thursday, May 29, 2014

CD Review: Ibrahima Sarr's 'Danaya Percussion Presents Ibrahima Sarr'

Ibrahima Sarr
Danaya Percussion Presents Ibrahima Sarr
Kanaga System Krush

Ibrahima Sarr is a professional djembe player from Mali that has toured the world over the last few decades. Ibrahima incorporates various djembes, balafons, and vocals on the mostly instrumental and percussive release. The thunderous drums and lighter balafon sounds aptly showcase a dynamic range of sounds that are trance-inducing and memorable. the highly traditional sounds are not bluesy, contemporary, or rock-centered. Instead, the organic arrangements of vocals, drums, and balafons make the album shimmer with a nostalgic and historic presence. The talented group of instrumentalists make the album stand out, along with the various themes revolving around medical issues, ceremonies, and dances. The extensive liner notes illustrate some of the song meanings in English. Fans of Malian drumming and African dance music will love the entrancing melodies and rhythms produced by the drums, balafon, and sporadic vocals. ~ Matthew Forss

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