Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CD Review: Gjertrud Lunde's 'Hjemklang'

Gjertrud Lunde
Ozella Music

The German-based group spearheaded by Gjertrud Lunde brings a Norwegian presence to the mix, as all of the songs are sung in Norwegian, as well as French, English, and Portuguese. The album, which means "home sounds," is an excellent reflection of Gjertrud's heritage. The four-piece band incorporates a little guitar, electronics, piano, rhodes, percussion, drums, tabla, and trumpet. The plaintive piano melody of "Going Home" is a reflection of peace and solitude with yearning at the forefront. The jazzy and equally-contemplative, "Marche vers l'Aube" showcases trumpet and electronics in a new light without any vocalizations during the first two minutes of the song. At any rate, the jazzy piano, light percussion, worldly vocals, and experimental rhythms make Hjemklang stand out from other albums. Anyone interested in Scandinavian jazz, European pop, and great music in general, will love Gjertrud Lunde's first, full-length effort running over one hour in length. ~ Matthew Forss

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