Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: See-I's 'Knowledge Shine Bright'

Knowledge Shine Bright
Fort Knox Recordings

Washington, DC's Afro-funk band, See-I, releases a new album that continues in their funk, house, trance, hip hop, and rock paths with Knowledge Shine Bright. The opening anthem, "Never Give Up," is a reggae, funk, and rock-infused medley of luscious sounds and catchy melodies with punchy horns, jingly guitars, and reggae vocals. A dozen tracks round out the album with classic funk rhythms, hip-hop grooves, and urban styles that combine electronica with jazzy horns. The entire collection of songs are especially likable, which is probably due to the catchy and infectious melodies. At any rate, See-I is not afraid of experimenting or mixing styles, instruments, or grooves. Get your soul filled with 'Knowledge', so it can 'Shine Bright.' ~ Matthew Forss

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