Friday, May 2, 2014

CD Review: Pacifika's 'Amor Planeta'

Amor Planeta
Six Degrees

The Pacifika trio of vocalist Silvana Kane, bassist Toby Peter, and guitarist Adam Popowitz, creates a refreshing fusion album of pop/rock/funk sounds inherited from South American, Caribbean, and African sources. The sweet vocals of Silvana make the songs stand out, but the instrumentation is equally-compelling. Adam's Canadian roots and Toby's Barbados upbringing may be limited influences here, but there involvement propel the group into catchy melodies, serene rhythms, and fascinating tonal textures. There are ten tracks to satisfy your ears. The breezy songs are classy, professional, and outwardly appealing to anyone within ear-shot. The funky little rhythms and jazzy undertones make Amor Planeta shine with love from the artists and anyone that purchases the music. A moving, emotive, and intellectual release. ~ Matthew Forss

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