Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Dona Onete's 'Feitico Cabloco'

Dona Onete
Feitico Cabloco
Mais Um Discos

Flamboyant songtress of seventy-three-years-young, Dona Onete graces our present with enlightening songs highlighting the Brazilian interior. Dona incorporates a variety of traditional dance rhythms and melodies with Caribbean salsa, samba, rap, and others all rooted in the culture of Brazil. The overall sound blends a bit of mariachi-like sounds with cumbia sounds and everything in-between. Don's vibrant vocals and happy spirit shines through on all of the tracks. There are eleven luscious tracks to indulge in. The music is general enough to appeal to Latin music fans, as well as anyone interested in South American, Caribbean, or Spanish music styles. Sink your teeth into the music of Brazil's Amazonian backbone. ~ Matthew Forss

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