Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Karikatura's 'Eyes Wide'

Eyes Wide

The New York City-based Karikatura produces a worldwide release of music inspired by many different countries and cultures. For example, there is nostalgic psych-funk inherent in "Someone," while a Balkan-Klezmer beat pervades "Brighton Beach" and a reggae beat percolates through "NYC Hustle." The band comprises of Ryan Acquaotta on lead vocals and percussion, Dima Kay on guitars, samples, back-up vocals, and glockenspeil, Eric Legaspi on bass, Morgan Greentstreet on drums, percussion, back-up vocals, and samples, Joe MF Wilson on sax and glockenspiel, and Ric Becker on trombone. Karikatura seems to capture different musical styles and make them their own. Where else could you find Zimbabwean chimurenga music and Klezmer music all on the same album? Eyes Wide is meant to open one's eyes and hearts to other musical styles and cultures. Karikatura still retains a unique voice amid all the influences and instruments. Everyone should check out Karikatura. ~ Matthew Forss

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