Friday, May 30, 2014

CD Review: Srikalogy's 'New Paradigm'

New Paradigm
Black Swan Sounds

Srikalogy is a New York-based DJ, MC, producer, and percussionist with a connection to the West Indies, Caribbean, and a NYC Ashram. These life experiences were perfect for poetic storytelling through carefully-selected beats in the world music, electronica, and hip hop worlds. There is a South Asian vein that extends to kirtan or yoga-based stylings. The trumpet, mrdanga, keyboard, guitar, kalimba, and didgeridoo sets the tone for the urban and contemporary beats. Srikalogy's vocals are hip-hop based and a great delivery vehicle for his message. The electronic drones, punchy percussion, Enigma-like compositions are something worth listening to. Anyone with an interest in urban yoga music will love the compositions on New Paradigm. ~ Matthew Forss

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